you wanna know what the plan is by Symfamous


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you wanna know what the plan is
i'm thinkin worldwide damange
brick city bandits
ain's shit handed
so we tryna take over teh planet
no heart like i'm 21 sarvage
show start but the movement is massive
i'm just tryna motivate my nepali brothers
to get that dollar bill and live lavish
i don't wanna stay broke
need to buy a battery for my halo
that shit cost money and ain't shit funny
when you on your last dollar and they make
when you on your last dollar and they make 

ima make it rain though 
pot of gold at the end of the rain bow
money on my mind where my brain go
ya it's on the frind i'm on a whole another
lane hoe hoe
my plan is to never say what my plan is 
take over the country then the whole planet
make more money than my manager could manage
the guy rapping with me is my biggest challange
always been hated under estimated
the game i done played it bro stop debating
drunk off my wins man i feel faded
you boys just bragging none of yall made it
fan boys they turneed into haters
they couldn't make themselves claming they
made us
my plan is just plain and it's simple
if it makes no money throw it out of the window
avoid beefs like a true hindu
maneuver these pawns like a true king do
achieved things i put my mind into
won't ever settle till my team through bitch